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World History 

The fall of the Roman Empire was a slow-motion train wreck. It took place over several centuries, for reasons that continue to be debated endlessly by historians. It is also frequently invoked as a cautionary tale . . . no one wants their empire to end up like the Roman Empire, but that is what invariably happens. Edward Gibbon, a British historian, even wrote a famous book about it that offered not-so-subtle commentary on the state of the English empire at the time. Now it’s your turn to weigh in. Write an essay explaining how and why the Roman Empire fell. Give three main reasons, and support each one with evidence. Was one reason more important than the others? Why or why not? And why do people (including many Americans today) continue to care so much about it? Please cite ALL sources (apart from lecture) and all paraphrased material. Please limit quotations and avoid block quotations like the plague.

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