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World Civilization

Write a 1200-1500 word analytical essay telling the story of world civilization, from the beginning of humanity until the 20th century, from a student’s perspective. In this student interpretation of world civilization the goal is to discover a common theme that connects the different historical periods and civilizations discussed in the various readings and documentaries. Students must have supporting evidence from the primary document readings (that is, use the primary documents to support your thesis statement and to provide proof for individual perspectives). Use only the primary documents I uploaded in the weekly modules as the sources for your essay. You are not required to do extra research. In fact, I strongly recommend you do not do extra research. (I require all students to write their essays in Times New Roman, 12 font, 1” margins on right, left, top and bottom. If you follow these directions, you will have an essay that is 4-5 pages). The essay will be 30% of your total grade. Review the detailed Turnitin instructions (Links to an external site.) on how to submit your assignments and how to review the Grademark comments (feedback) from your professor. Essay Rubric The essay states in the introduction the five or more primary documents the student will use to prove his thesis. 5pts. The essay has a clear thesis statement in the introduction. 10pts. Historical examples in essay relate to the historical period under investigation. 5pts The essay provides critical analysis of five primary documents in the body of the essay. 10pts Student articulates their ideas well with minimal typos. 10pts The essay reflects comprehension of appropriate historical terminology and chronology. 5pts Essay draws connections with specific dates, historical characters and places instead of just generalizing without concrete examples. 10pts The thesis proposed in the introduction is followed through the entirety of the essay. 10pts The essay has a conclusion. 5pts The essay has an introduction with clear topic. 5pts The essay is divided into paragraphs (with specific paragraph main ideas or topic sentences that function as sub-main ideas to prove thesis statement with individual primary sources). 10pts The analysis in the essay goes beyond what is obvious in the text and lectures. 10pts The essay has a a title. 5pts The essay is 1200 words or more. 10pts The essay is free of grammatical mistakes like punctuation, spelling errors, misuse of words, run-on and/or fragment sentences. 10pts. The essay is plagiarized. -100pts I can deduct points for other problems I may encounter in your essays. But the rubric above provides you a rough idea of what I expect. All the essays will be individual essays NOT group assignments. Students will be penalized for plagiarism. Essays will be graded within two weeks of due date. The following content is partner provided PLEASE READ THROUGH ALL READING !!! MAKE SURE YOUR DETAIL , AND A GREAT conclusion ! MAKE SURE YOU REFERENCE THE RUBRIC AND READ THROUGH COMPLETE ESSAY/ STORY VIDEO LINKS:

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