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Workforce Diversity

Project Details
You and your team are Management Consultants specializing in the area you have chosen (see suggested topics below). Your task is to share your expertise with clients through the following steps:

1.) Provide information about your subject area. You should describe the process and key terms associated with the subject. Also, explain why this subject is so important to the contemporary manager’s role.

2.) Develop a list of questions you will use in an interview with your clients to determine your client’s strengths or needs in this area.

3.) Interview a small business manager/owner (a business between 2 to 50 employees) and a manager in a large corporation (more than 500 employees)

4.) Analyze how well they are applying the principles of your topic.

5.) Recommend any additional training, processes or systems your clients could put in place to enhance their management function in this area.

6.) Compare how a small business owner/manager copes with this function versus a large business or corporate manager.

7.) Share your findings with the class in a brief (10 to 12 minute) presentation.

Final Project Topic Proposal
Submit the following by the deadline for approval:
Content Page:
1. Topic is Workforce diversity
2 .Create a Thesis Statement (What are your goals for the Paper?)
3. Identify the two companies you will be comparing. Target and Walmart
4. Identify 3 articles that support your thesis and create a Works Cited page

Format of Final Paper
Cover Page: Include Topic, Team Member Names, Date

Table of Contents: Include initials of students who worked on each section, major headings are listed below and should be used for development of this page and it should include page numbers.

Introduction: Approximately one to two paragraphs. Give the name and describe the two businesses where you interviewed a manager. You should include the type of business and the manager’s role in the business. Also, explain which topic you chose to focus on in your research and interviews.

Summary of Research on Subject Area: Approximately two to three pages. Using a minimum of five outside resources (in addition to the text), research your chosen area. Describe the principles and key terms associated with your subject. Also, explain why the subject is important to the contemporary manager’s role.
**In text citations required for researched resources**

Summary of Interviews: Approximately two pages for each interview. Summarize the interviews. You should first concentrate on the large company. It should not be in Q and A format. Rather, simply describe what you learned about how the manager and that company apply the principles of your topic.

Analysis: Based on your research and what you have learned in class about your chosen subject area, analyze the business’ use of this topic. What does the business do well? What could they improve upon? What recommendations do you have for the managers you interviewed?

Comparison: Compare the similarities in the two companies. Contrast the differences.

Conclusion: Approximately one paragraph. State what you learned from this experience and how it might apply to your world.

Works Cited: Using MLA format

Appendix: Add a clean copy of your interview questions and any other support material you find useful.

Teamwork: Identify how you contributed to the project in the Table of Contents (student initials). All participants should rank themselves and other team members on teamwork and contribution. The instructor will provide a form for doing this. This heading not included in the Table of Contents.

Presentation: The team will present their findings to the class using visual aids and presentation skills. This heading not included in the Table of Contents. The following points must be made in the presentation. All must present.

Introduction of the companies studies
Present topics and research findings
Recommendations and Conclusions
Presentations should be between 10-12 minutes.

Guidelines for an “A” Paper
Demonstrates an outstanding understanding of the chosen management topic. Through research of the topic demonstrates its advantage to the management process. Thoroughly reviews all aspects and uses of the topic. Conducts a well thought out interview that relates this topic to the client’s business, culture and management style. Clearly summarizes the client’s responses and analyzes how well this management process is working or not working in the organization. Compares the use of this process in a small business and a large business. Few, if any spelling, grammar or formatting errors. Paper in proper MLA format (In text citations and Works Cited page)

Guidelines for an “A” Presentation
The team (and each member) gives a clear, interesting and fluid presentation to the class. Appropriate technology used in a supporting manner. Slides are clear, easy to read, and aid the progression of the discussion for both the team and the audience. Minimal use of notes or reading from the screen. Individuals are not stationary behind the podium. Individuals expected to project their voices so the material can be heard by everyone. Language should be devoid of verbal pauses such as “ah”, “um”, “like”, “you know”, etc. Professional language and use of business terminology required.

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