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Theories of Personality

Imagine that you have been asked by the head of your company to participate as a member of a panel. You will discuss ways to interact more effectively with coworkers of differing personalities. The panel will be presenting their ideas and leading a discussion on this topic at an upcoming conference. As a panel participant, you are asked to identify the ways that environment, culture, biology, and temperament may influence individuals and their interactions with others in the workplace. For this week’s project, you will be required to complete the following steps: Write a paper of 2–3 pages on the following topics: What is personality? Is personality stable over time? What are the determinants of personality? Describe your personality, how it developed, and your personality traits. What are the challenges to studying personality? Use this list of prompting questions to help you establish your position to the panel. These questions can be used to reflect upon what you have learned about personality this week, and create your paper. Read the articles presented in the reading, and consider the challenges these researchers faced when investigating personality. Address the following: How do the researchers define personality? Do they believe personality is a result of nature, nurture, or both? How do they believe the past, present, and future impact personality? Your paper should have a title page, be APA-formatted (with a minimum of 2 scholarly references and citations), and it should include personal examples. Be sure to include the key points that you want to present as a panel member into the paper.

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