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The Maltese Falcon

Answer the following: – Why is The Maltese Falcon (1941) an important film noir? – How closely does Huston’s 1941 film version follow the novel? There is one chapter in the novel that Huston did not film. Which one? Tell the story told in this “unfilmed” chapter. Discuss main characters and the plot. – And consider this: Why does Spade “give up” Brigid O’Shaughnessy at the end? Discuss the end of the film and Spade’s motivations. – And quote from Schrader on the “hard-boiled” school and The Maltese Falcon’s place in noir history. Use and define the following terms: 1) Film Genre 2) Film Noir 3) Auteur theory 4) Hard-Boiled Fiction 5) Pulp Fiction (Why is Tarantino’s film called Pulp Fiction?)

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