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The Impact and Relevance of Behavioural Neuroscience

The course project will focus on the impact and relevance of behavioural neuroscience in the field of psychology as a whole. For Part 1 of the course project, you will develop a PowerPoint presentation. The project will be developed in three parts in three individual units that will culminate in Unit VII of this course. Research methodology has certainly contributed to the advancement of biological psychology. In this assignment, focus on one advancement that has resulted from any research methodology covered in this unit. Then, create a PowerPoint presentation with a minimum of eight slides. Make the following points about the advancement of your choice: Name the advancement (e.g., new medication, new treatment) and the researcher who discovered this advancement. Indicate the research methodology that was used to discover the advancement. Indicate the research that occurred in order to discover the advancement. Name the part of the brain that was targeted. Discuss what applicable neurotransmitters were targeted and the effect on synaptic transmission. Discuss the pathways of how it affects the neurons in the brain (as applicable). Give insights or comments obtained from additional research. Create a media slide as a part of the eight-slide count. Media includes graphs, charts, or pictures that you have created. Please do not simply insert an image from the web. Create a title slide and reference slide; these will not count toward meeting the eight-slide minimum for this PowerPoint presentation. Format your PowerPoint using APA style. Use your own words, and include citations and references as needed to avoid plagiarism. PSY 4021, Physiological Psychology 2

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