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The Battle of Antietam

1.  1000- 1500 words of text typed, double-spaced ( 3-5 pages of text).  There is at least a letter grade Penalty for papers that are too short, depending upon how much it lacks.   2.  Original work using at least three in-depth sources. (Encyclopedias, course text, or lecture citations may be used as supplementary materials, but will not count toward the three major sources required.) NEVER trust Wikipedia !!! Therefore, do not use it !!!   3.  Cover page with centered topic title.  (under the title- centered): * your name and  class sign-in # * course number + day / time (ie: EUH 2001 M+W 8:00 am)* instructor's name (spelled correctly) * date   * WORD COUNT (very important) 4.   Documentation of Sources (When in  doubt, check with the A.S.C. lab or your English instructor.) You need to cite your sources in the text of any + all information you learned in your research. EXAMPLE: IN-TEXT citation:  Author's last name, page number. BIBLIOGRAPHY: Author's last, first name, (date) * Title, place, publisher             * = article title, magazine name / web site ** = internet entry: location / web address, date of access. 5.  Do not use lengthy quotations, AND do not use more than two quotes in the entire paper. Use your own words. (No paper of QUOTES.)

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