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Sports Psychology

this is a sports psychology class)Case Study – Squeeze Those Glutes – Print off the attached case study and respond as per instructions below The purpose of this exercise is for you to apply what you have reviewed so far to an actual case study. In reviewing the attached case study you are to adopt the role of a Sport Psychologist / Consultant and provide advice to me the assistant coach. To guide the discussion the following question guide is offered. Students may use this guide to provide advice to me. The questions are as follows: Describe the main issues in this case What factors contribute to Diana’s poor performance in Gymnastics? As the Sport Psychology Consultant, generate some courses of action that might benefit Diana How feasible is each course of action? What are the ramifications for me and Diana for each course of action? Are Diana’s goals too demanding? How would you help her refocus her goals? What affect, if any does Diana’s practice log have on her performance and attitude about gymnastics? What other information would you need if you were to work with Diana? What if any, other assistance would you seek in regard to other sport related professionals in order to help Diana? Would you include Coach Francis in your conversation with Diana? Why or why not You are to present your advice to me in any form you choose (e.g.,PowerPoint presentation, word document etc) that will be uploaded under the assignment section (below)

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