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Social Work

Social work practice occurs at several different levels: micro, mezzo, and macro levels. An understanding of the impact on families at all levels is critical for you to develop a comprehensive assessment of the problems families face and are dealing with. For you to integrate all possible perspectives and explanations of a family’s issues, you must explore the various perspectives.

For this assignment, select a family issue such as alcohol abuse, working with a disabled member of the family, a marital affair, a child with severe emotional or behavioral problems at school, sexual orientation, or another issue you are interested in researching further.

Develop a pamphlet for use with potential clients, their families, or friends of that person. Include the various perspectives at the micro, mezzo, and macro level regarding the family issue you have selected. Be sure to include any social justice issues that may arise with your selected problem. Illustrate evidence-based practices in working to resolve the problem for your intended audience

I will enclosed the current pamphlet with some resources.

this is the teachers response to the current pamphlet:

This assignment asks you to look at the levels of practice to address this issue (micro, mezzo, macro). Please review the assignment instructions and redo this to reflect the levels of practice — let me know if you have any questions.

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