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Social Policy

• The paper should have a title and should be divided into four sections- • Section I: INTRODUCTION (About 1 paragraph): In this section describe your selected Movie or TV soap/show. What is the show, movie or soap all about, what is the basic story or the plot of the show/movie. • Section 2: DESCRIPTION OF THE PHYSICAL SPACE IN THE TV SOAP/MOVIE (About 1-2 pages): Describe the physical space in the movie. For example how are the landscapes or weather or office spaces or houses are shown in this movie or show. Describe how the furniture or alleys or markets or shopping malls are shown. • Section 3: ANALYSIS (About 1-2 pages): In this section describe how the physical spaces that you explained in section 2 above are important to bring out the plot/story of the movie/show. Describe how certain physical spaces or objects highlight the scenes or the relationships. For example, if it is a horror movie how is darkness used to bring about certain effects or how are deserted or vacation homes are used to bring about horror effects, For example, how is spring season or physical beauty is used to highlight romantic scenes. How are physical spaces used to create a suspense or show olden times or future times or fights or conflicts or confusion. • Section 4 CONCLUSION (About 1 paragraph): In this section provide a brief summary of how the physical spaces were used in your selected movie/show to highlight the main or plot.

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