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Social and Emotional Development

Please refer to the Week Four Guidance for further tips and examples that will support your success on this discussion. Read Chapter 9: Social and Emotional Development and the Social Studies in your course text. Locate one article or resource related to social emotional development and share it on Twitter using #ECD315. If you need help locating articles, please use the Locating and Sharing Credible Resources on Twitter Tip Sheet. In your initial post, Explain why social and emotional development is especially important in early childhood. Describe, using one of the resources from the Twitter feed as support, your role in providing learning activities/curriculum and experiences that foster each child’s social and emotional growth. Include information related to children as well as to their families (i.e., helping families establish separation routines). Complete the Social and Emotional Recipe Cards by explaining one strategy for each area of development (Personal Identity/Pro-Social Skills, Confidence/Self-Esteem, and Self-Regulation/Self-Control). Upload your cards as an attachment to your discussion. These can serve as great resources for later use. Print these out and store them in a 3×5 card file

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