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Role of the Formal Leader

This is the feedback from the attached, I need to do a rewrite to answer the questions better. Q1 – The key to distributed leadership is how to minimize the role of the formal leader to maximize success for the organization. (-10) Q2 – Your response does not answer the question. Refer to the textbook section that starts page 90. (-20) Q3 – response lacks detail. Missing at least one key factor – the informal leader has the potential to undermine the formal leader or enable the formal leader to achieve their goals. (-10) Q4 – Please refer to the lecture recording. Values are subjective and may be positive or negative. Principles are fixed, universal rules of right conduct. Practices are actions that apply to a specific situation. Leading by practices creates problems when an issue occurs for which there is no practice. Leading by values and principles empowers followers to solve problems as they come up because their actions are guided by values. (-20) Q6 – I think you misread the problem. ONE style or set of traits, 2 situations. (-20) Required Readings Van Wart, M. 2017. Leadership in Public Organizations: An Introduction, 3rd Edition. M.E. Sharpe, Inc. Note: this was recently updated, the second edition of the text may still be used. Kotter, J. P., & Rathgeber, H. (2006). Our Iceberg is Melting: Changing and Succeeding Under Any Conditions. New York: St. Martin’s Press. PART I – SHORT-ANSWER QUESTIONS 1. Describe the distributed approach to leadership. 2. Explain the different emphases of the three transformational leadership models. 3. Discuss the characteristics of the informal leader. 4. Based on lectures and readings, define VALUES, PRINCIPLES, and PRACTICES and describe their inter-relatedness as it pertains to leadership. 5. Describe the characteristics that set Entrepreneurial Leadership apart from Transformational Leadership. PART II – 50 points 6. Provide an example of why an individual leader with a specific style and set of traits might be highly successful overall and yet perform poorly in specific situation. To answer this question, you must: a. describe the leadership traits and style of your hypothetical leader b. describe two different leadership situations, one in which this hypothetical leader would likely be successful and another in which this hypothetical leader would likely not be successful NOTE: If you are wondering “how long” your answers should be; the obvious response is whatever it takes to adequately answer the question. I do not expect an entire page for each question. However, the terms “discuss”, “describe”, and “explain” should alert you to the fact that none of these questions can be adequately answered in one or two sentences.

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