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odule 1: Discussion Forum No unread replies.11 reply. Complete both options listed below. Asking a research question is the starting point for planning a research study. The following is an example of a research question: Are arrest rates related to the race and training of the police officers making arrests? An educated (i.e., theoretically informed) answer to the question is a research hypothesis. An example of a hypothesis is: Police officers who complete cognitive bias training have lower rates of arresting subjects (regardless of the race of the officer), than officers who do not complete cognitive bias training. The purpose of a research study is to answer a research question with verifiable evidence. For this assignment, address the following: Post a crime-related or justice-related question that interests you. Develop a hypothesis by answering your research question. Identify the independent and dependent variables in your hypothesis. Constructively comment on others’ posts. Your comment should not be focused on how interesting a question/hypothesis is, but on whether the question is answerable with systematically collected evidence and whether the hypothesis consists of identifiable variables with a clear expectation of how the variables are related. Follow the steps below to access data sets and code books. Then, answer the questions in “2a” through “2c”: Download the data sets and codebooks from the Student Resources site linked to the textbook (Links to an external site.) where you click “Data Sets and Codebooks” in the left-hand column. You will then see Data Sets and Codebooks that you can download. Watch the Descriptive Statistics, Categorical (Links to an external site.) SPSS tutorial video Open the GSS2014A Codebook file. Use “find” to locate the variable named “educ” in the file. Find the answer to the following questions about “educ”: What question in the survey does this variable refer to? (Find the answer under “Label”.) What answers are available to this question and what numerical value was assigned to each answer? What responses are considered “missing values” to this question? Discuss how the above exercises have increased your knowledge about SPSS. Be sure to support your statements with logic and argument, citing any sources referenced. Post your initial response by

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