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Part One: Start a thread in which you discuss your ideas for the Final Essay. Specify which topics and sub-topics you will be investigating, what you plan to learn (what you know you don’t know), and what kinds of things you have learned already about your topic. PLEASE PICK ONE SIGNIFICANT TOPIC. MY SOURCE IS STATED BELOW AND THE LINK TO MY EBOOK. Research Proposal The research aims to bring out the importance of American literature and discuss its meaning from around 1865 to date. I will be researching through stories from Mark Twain “Adventures of Huckleberry Finn,” Flannery O’ Connor, as well as Ambrose Bierce “An Occurrence at Owl,” and Jessie Redmon Fauset “From there is Confusion,” and Hault Faulkner. Also, I will be going through poems by Emily Dickson, “Success is Counted Sweetest,” Walt Whitman, Claude Mckay “If we must die,” and also look at Alan Seeger “I Have a Rendezvous with Death.” I will include essays, “The Dynamo and the Virgin” by Henry Adams and David Foster Wallace. Also include an essay by Gary Synder and “Feminist Manifesto,” by Mina Loy. I will need academic research of the past literary writings and master the content of the past 150 years. So far, I have researched and gathered different academic journals and articles that I will need for the research having recent arguments on different literary writings. I will have to be informed of issues related, such as cultural and literary writing, which will boost my knowledge of American literature. This will help me argue on different facts and bring down points on various genres, while at the same time comparing the present literary writing with the past and defining American literature through the findings. My research will aim at arguing about the past literature while looking at the impacts in the current years. Also, compare the past literary writing with the present while posing the question of what impacts the current literary works have while studying. Can they be taken seriously? How will they be merged with the 20th-century writing?   References Elliot, M et al. (1865 to present). The Norton Anthology of American Literature, edited by Robert S. Levine: Ninth Edition, Volume 2, Norton, W. W & Company, Inc.

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