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Reconsideration Process

Survey at least three (3) different schools for creating your own reconsideration process. Do not use Fayetteville or Blue Valley for your sources (see below). Remember that reconsideration or challenge policies are often school board policies, so you may have to look for board policies on a district’s website, and not on an individual school’s website. Cite within your document which steps in your process came from which source. Be sure to use correct APA in-text citations. At the end of this process, create a References page with full APA citation of the at least three (3) reconsideration sources you evaluated to come up with your own process HINTS: Write this as if it was your school document. Whatever you include should be clear to any reader what the steps are. (Don’t assume another librarian is reading this — but a patron, for example). Don’t include the names of the different schools within the process — you wouldn’t do that if you were writing this for your own school. In other words, don’t let the seams show that you have lifted the information from different school documents. Do include the in-text citations, which should include the names of the school. Since you are not coming up with this policy on your own, you need to give credit for everything you put in the policy. It should be a patchwork of what you like from the different sources. Be sure the in-text citation shows that. Criteria for your policy: Explain how the process of how the reconsideration process is started. What will happen to the item that is being challenged? Who has the right to object to materials? Be specific, patron is not specific. Who is on the committee for reconsideration? Who is the chairperson for the committee? What is the time frame for the process? What instructions are given to the committee? What do they need to do once they have a book to evaluate? What is the process that the committee follows for decision making? How is the material evaluated? Who makes the final decision of the complaint? How is the process different for non-print materials? Reconsideration form includes: The material information (type, title, author, publisher, etc…) Complainant’s contact information What is the complainant’s complaint? Why is it a complaint? Curriculum familiarity (why do they think the material is included in the collection?) Information for policy comes from at least 3 sources In-text citations are used correctly. Reference page in APA format is done correctly. Most school libraries do not include their policies on their websites. You will need to look at the district website where they keep their school board policies. You can also search through the databases (Library Lit, for example) for a list of the steps that a reconsideration process would take. Identify each step, who is involved, and how does the process go to the next step until there is some kind of resolution. Be sure to look at the rubric so you can see a complete list of what I will be looking for.

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