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Purposeful Communication

It is expected that you answer each question at it must contain around 150 words with proper citations (at least one) when it is deemed appropriate.

In your current workplace what model of communication is being used?  In want way does that model affect or help your work or your organization?

I’ve worked in the same Thai school for the past thirteen years and the communication is limited because of the Thais being unable to speak English proficiently resulting in misunderstandings, deadlines missed and no help from the Thai teachers in class because they can’t communicate. Please elaborate on this. Please answer this question using the appropriate MODEL of communication.

The last time I talked to myself.

I am very thorough in my preparation for when I teach each day. In the shower every morning I talk with myself analyzing, planning and making sure that my lessons are prepared and will be taught to a high standard for the day ahead.

If I can speak to the world.

I would tell everyone that life is not a rehearsal and that we must try our hardest to fulfil our potential to the maximum before it’s too late.

The power of words.

Please just explain how the power of words is so powerful, effective and how it can influence and turn people’s lives around.

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