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Public Speaking

In a paragraph or two for each question, answer the following. Be sure to give the factual answer as well as an example from your own personal experience or observation in the arena of public speaking.

Textbook chapters:

1. In your opinion, which of the 11 public speaking competencies is the most important for an effective presentation? Why is this competency the most important? (chapter 1)

2. Explain the 3 barriers to effective listening. Which do you find to be the most significant barrier when communicating with others? Why? (chapter 4)

3. What is meant by “demographic analysis” of an audience? Why would a demographic analysis be worthwhile in preparation of a speech? (chapter 5)

4. According to chapter 8 of the text, what are “signposts” and “transitional statements” within the body of a speech? Be sure to give an example of each. (chapter 8)

5. According to chapter 15 of the text, what are 3 objectives in developing an informative speech? How can these objectives be accomplished? (chapter 15)

6. When developing a persuasive speech for a hostile audience, what is a good way to address differences between a speaker and the crowd? (chapter 16)

7. In your opinion, which of the 4 non-verbal aspects of delivery is most important to a public speaker? (chapter 12)

8. Table 13.1 of Chapter 13 lists 9 tips for using visual aids in a speech. In your opinion, what are the two most helpful tips for you in designing and delivering a speech? (chapter 13)

9. Give an example of a verbal citation of a source within a speech. In other words, how to do paraphrase as source to avoid plagiarism? (Chapter 7)

10. Name 4 functions of an introduction in a speech. In your opinion, which of the 4 is most important? (chapter 9)

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