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Psychology and Pedagogical Studies

Complete a research paper: Are children better motivated by rewards or punishment? 1. You should investigate at least five credible academic sources (published 2014 – 2019) in Psychology and Pedagogical Studies. Structure: 1 paragraph: introduction: why this issue is relevant? How is it examined in contemporary psychology and education. Main body: 2d paragraph: provide an explanation of punishment as a main motivation. Provide positive elements. Use at least 2 sources here to provide your opinion. Provide statistics. Highlight the adverse consequences and threats of punishment. 3d paragraph: analyze rewards as a main instrument to motivate children. Provide positive outcomes of this technique. Use at least 3 scientific sources with statistics here. Conclusion: explain why rewards is much better than punishment to motivate children. Be argumentative. 2. You should use only scientific academic language 3. Do not use personal nouns, idioms or passive voice. Do not write too short or too complex sentences: try to make the length average 4. Use academic vocabulary, scientific terminology to make your paper perfect 5. Proofread the essay in terms of grammar and punctuation.

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