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Psychological Effect of Sexual Abuse Victims

To complete this assignment, students are to select a topic or concept within the science of Psychology, and cited within the textbook, and type and submit a research paper that consists of one thousand (1,000) words within the text. The paper must be written utilizing no less than, four (4) psychological sources (i.e. periodicals, journals, websites, etc.). Students are not allowed to utilize information found and cited from either Wikipedia or the associated textbook (Associated Textbook: Psychology authored by King 5th edition is NOT Acceptable) as a resource and neither is information provided by Wilipedia.). Any submission utilizing either of these as resources will receive a grade of Zero (0). Information utilized and/or cited from either of these sources will result in a grade of zero (0) for the assignment. All papers must be written in compliance with APA Writing Guidelines format and must conform to all standards there of

Can use King, The Science of Psychology, 5e: Laura King as a source but NOT Psychology authored by King 5th edition

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