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Instructions: Step 1: Access and download the Word document titled Wk3_FAQ. Step 2: Save the file to your desktop using the following file name format: YourFirstName_YourLastName_Wk3_Doc.docx Example: Ed_Buchanan_Wk3_DOC.docx Step 3: Choose a frequently asked question from the “WK3_FAQ” document. Step 4: Write the best answer possible to the question. Make sure your answer is no less than 20 words and no more than 50 words or else your submission will not be eligible for credit. If you use an outside source to complete your response, provide an SWS style in-text citation and a reference. If you use the textbook to complete your response, include an SWS in-text citation (no reference is needed). Include the page number in the citation. Step Five: Put your first and last name in the “Employee” section. Save all changes that you have made to the document with your name in the file name. Step Six: Submit your completed document to the Professional Experience 2 assignment submission link in Blackboard. In order to receive credit for completing this task, you must: Choose a question from the list. Make sure your answer to the question is no less than 20 words and no more than 50 words exactly—use the Word Count tool in Microsoft Word to check. Remember, citations and references do not count towards the word count. Provide a viable, complete answer. You must provide a hyperlink to the resource if applicable and clearly give credit in another way (e.g., provide an in-text citation for the textbook [no reference needed] and an in-text citation and a reference for an outside source used). Fill in the “Employee” section with your name. Submit your document to the Week 3 Professional Experience #2 link in Blackboard.

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