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Principles of Management

In chapter 6, we learn about organizational goals. Goals differ by time frame, level, and area. Please either address one of the organizational goals OR address the question regarding short-term vs. long-term goals prompt. You do not need to answer both.

Organizational Goals: Consider the below five goals set for a manufacturing company and determine whether the goals are strategic, tactical, or operational. (There is at least one for each level.) Please remember, there are many of you, so don’t identify all at once. Pick one and explain your rationale.

Goal: 12% return on investment
Goal: Issue invoices within 5 days of sale
Goal: Keep outstanding accounts below $500,000
Goal: Increase manufacturing productivity by 2%
Goal: Have machine downtime of less than 7%
Short-term vs. long-term goals: Managers are frequently criticized for focusing too much attention on the achievement of short-term goals. In the event of a conflict, which do you think should be given priority? Explain.

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