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Primary Source Analysis 

This is a 2 part assignment. The Outline aka Extended Notes has to be turned in first. I submitted an order for that already and would like the same writer to work on both. DETAILS: Primary Source Analysis Paper: Your paper should make an argument about one of more aspects of the society, culture, and/or time period of your primary source. A well-argued paper has three components: Thesis Statement: Your paper should have a thesis statement of 1-2 sentences at the end of the introductory paragraph. Your thesis statement should present your topic AND the argument you intend to make about the topic. A good thesis statement should meet the “cut-out” test. In other words, if you literally cut the thesis statement out of your paper and handed it to someone, would that person know what your paper is about? With a strong thesis statement, a person could read ONLY your thesis statement and have a pretty good idea of the main points of your paper. In other words, your thesis statement needs to be detailed, and it needs to be anchored in time and space. Well-crafted paragraphs: Each paragraph should start with a topic sentence that relates back to your thesis statement. See the handouts Paragraph Development: MEAL and How to Write a Plump Paragraph for samples of how to organize your paragraphs. Evidence: You must include evidence from your primary source and secondary sources (in this case, limited to the information used in class) to present your historical argument. Otherwise, it’s not a historical argument; it’s just an opinion piece. Your evidence can include quotations, facts, statistics, anecdotes—anything that helps support your argument AND that you can document. Requirements for the Paper: The Primary Source Analysis Paper should be between 1000 and 1200 words long; you must include a word count at the end of the paper. I will deduct points for being under the word limit or more than 10% over the word limit. You must indicate your thesis statement by bolding it. When you write the paper, think of your audience as being an adult who is not taking this class. In other words, be sure to provide enough background information so that someone who is not in this course could pick up your paper and understand what you are writing about. Please do not include any evidence from outside our class materials (but feel free to use the secondary source readings, lectures, and PowerPoints) In writing this paper, leave your personal emotions out of the paper; instead, focus on presenting a logical argument substantiated by evidence from the past. Do not use the first person (“I”) anywhere in writing this paper. There is a grading rubric for this paper on D2L along with the assignment instructions. Please read it and follow it closely. Use parenthetical citations in your paper to cite specific evidence. For secondary sources, use the author and page number. For PowerPoint Slides, give the title of the lecture and the slide number. This assignment is worth 10% of the semester grade.

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