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Pregnancy Risk

The assignment will be 2-3 pages long. You will be comparing 2 studies on the same topic, however, the first study will have a short description while the 2nd study will be described in more detail. Go onto the internet and find a second study on the same topic. A. Provide a one-paragraph summary of your original study or study #1 with the link. 10% B. Provide a 3-4 paragraph summary of your 2nd study on the same topic. Include the following (you can use this list as paragraph headers so you do not forget anything! 1. The aim of the study – what was the hypothesis – what was the study looking to prove? 5% 2. What kind of study was it, for example qualitative, quantitative, survey, secondary research, etc. 5% 3. Who were the participants (qualitative) or subjects (quantitative)? 5% 4. How were they recruited (method)? 5% 5. What did the researchers do (interviews or medical treatments, or education, etc.) 15% 6? What was the outcome? 15% C. Compare the two articles in a paragraph or two. What did you learn? Were the outcomes the same or different? What were the differences between the studies? 20%

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