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(100 points) Please submit any sort of planning document (T-chart, Outline, Flowchart, etc.) that works for you. However, it must include the following: Thesis statement. 5 claims that support the thesis. 2 examples for each of the 5 claims (10 total examples). One example must be from the play, the other must be from your research. Partial (Fictional) Example in Outline Form: Thesis: Willy’s realization of his failings to be a successful adult are more than he can bear, which leads to his tragic demise. Claim 1: Willy neglected his duties as a parent. Example 1: According to a research article, both of Willy’s sons “never matured into men”. Example 2: Their underdeveloped sense of masculinity is apparent by their lack of facial hair, notably when compared to their Uncle Ben. I will support this showing examples from the play that portray the two young men being clean-shaven and their Uncle Ben having facial hair.

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