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Physical Therapy

Zitlalyc ValenciaEnglish 101Beth Brown3 July 20Outline: Physical TherapyMy interest with Physical Therapy first came upon two years ago.High in demandGreat salaryHigh level jobPhysical Therapists helps improve your fitness and health.Restores functionImprovements in your mobilityPrevention from permanent disabilityA job like this is a very high demanding job in big states in the US.Salary ranging between $72k- $120k.Four main states PT is high in demand.Hourly rate between $39- $41 an hourThe benefits of being a Physical Therapist.You show your passion for others.Gain more scientific knowledge.A job that expands very quickly.Even though its an amazing job, I do still feel some doubts.My height might be a conflict.Mightaccidently injury my client.Unsatisfied client.There may be some disadvantages but nothing someone cannot overcomeNegative workplace environment.May cause a great deal of stress.Finding which offer is the best offer for you to work at.No matter what you do in life there will always be pros and cons.Work hard for success not stress!There is always solutions to every problem.Each day will be a new challenge.

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