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Instead of a final exam, you have a final essay. Review the debate between Scranton and Stolze. Can ancient philosophy help us cope with a current social challenge like climate change? Your essay must show that you have carefully read and understood Scranton and Stolze and can analyze and assess their arguments about the best response to living in the Anthropocene. Your essay should also reflect an understanding of Epictetus and Marcus Aurelius as well as how Stoicism affects the debate about how we deal with climate change. Your essay should include quotations from Epictetus, Marcus Aurelius, Scranton, and Stolze in the assigned versions of these texts. Quoting from sources not assigned in the class or other versions of assigned texts is not allowed and will damage your grade. It is not enough to explain to me what these authors meant. You have to prove to me that what you say is correct by showing me evidence in the text. Your essay should include at least two quotes per body paragraph. Do not put quotations in the introduction or conclusion. In the Files section, there is a “Chicago Style Sample Paper.” We are using Chicago Style for our essays, so your paper should look like that. For example, this means including a cover page and bibliography in addition to at least five full pages of text. Refer back to Vaughn for help with constructing an essay. Pay special attention to chapter 4. Also look at chapter 1: paraphrasing or summarizing a text can be useful for understanding it, but remember, that is not an argumentative essay. You need a thesis statement, and each body paragraph should help to establish your argument. You are trying to get me to accept your view by give me reasons for believing your conclusion.

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