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Persuasion Essay

Argumentation/Persuasion Essay assignmentUnlike other essays that you have written, the argumentation-persuasion essay assumes controversy.  For this essay you must write about a controversial subject.  Therefore, you must take a firm stand on this issue, and your thesis must state a strong and clear opinion.  Don’t forget, though, that though your thesis is an opinion, you must support your opinion with facts (logical reasoning, examples, etc.).  You can do some research with this essay as with the cause/effect one, but you do not have to do so.Read Chapter 9 in your book very carefully.  Though the chapter is lengthy, there is some great information available.  Read through the strategies. You should also write about opposing viewpoints (those viewpoints that disagree with your own) at some point in the essay in order to better frame the controversy. This technique also makes you appear knowledgeable on the subject and as if you are not hiding something.  Be nice, though; you must try to give the other side its fair due even though you might disagree with that side immensely.  This paper should be longer than the previous essays you have written. You should write an essay that is 3 to 4 pages long, this time using the sample student essay on pages 158-161 as your model.Your topic: Choose any topic, but make sure that the topic is controversial (abortion, gun control, etc.). Follow the Opposing Viewpoints link in order to look through topics and to find credible sources that you can use in your essay.For this essay, you must do some research. I am requiring that you use two sources (an on-line site will do for this assignment though keep in mind that universities will rarely accept internet sources as true research).  I suggest that you go through MGCCC library to find your sources. Remember you must always give credit when you receive information. from somewhere other than your own brain; otherwise, you are plagiarizing.You must have a works cited page that lists your two sources in correct bibliographic detail. Look at the MLA Research Paper example to see a correctly formatted MLA research paper,.Remember that all essays must have a clear thesis statement that contains an opinion/point of view/attitude. Like the other essays, I will be grading your essay for correct grammar, sentence mechanics, spelling, unity, coherence, etc. For this essay,Do:1. Take your time and write a good essay.  Revise extensively.  Good writers write several drafts of an essay, not just one.  Make sure your sentences are economical rather than wordy.2. Remember to use the steps of the writing process that you have read about.  Write an outline (as you did on your quiz) before writing the first draft of the essay.3. Use MLA style (double space everything; 1 inch margins; no title page; your name, my name, class title, and date should appear on the top left corner of your first page).  Make sure your works cited page is formatted correctly.4. Make sure you have a clear thesis statement with a clear opinion.5. Address opposing viewpoints within the essay. Do not:1. Use 2nd person (In other words, you should never use the words you or your in your essay unless you are using the words in a quotation).2. Do not use opinions to prove your thesis.   You can’t prove an opinion with an opinion. So the evidence/examples that you use in the body of your paper should be logical, reasonable, and based in fact and good thinking, not in the repetition of your opinions.

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