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Organizational Culture

From teacher: Maximum 15 A4 pages. Follow APA Guidelines for proper citations. Pick a publicly-traded company (Novo Nordisk) on a stock exchange. Tell me why you picked this particular company and what you find intriguing. Use a theoretical model from the course (Schein – Artifacts, Values, Underlying assumptions) to analyze the challenge you have identified. Secondary research only. If you have worked for this company, you may use it as an example but please do not reveal any confidential information (You can come up with litterally everything). Clarification on how to organize your paper (especially around your analysis). Example: How do organizations need to change as a result of the ‘new normal’ of Covid-19? Introduction: 25% Tell me why you picked the model/theorist that you did. Tell me about the company. Then tell me your RQ. How do they relate? Why does that particular model help you decide how that organization needs to change and what they need to do? You can combine two models but no more than two (otherwise you are writing a dissertation). Keep it simple if you can! This is where you will review the relevant literature, using course content and readings. Method: 20% Your method is primarily qualitative (some mixed methods due to data analysis) and you are using PDR (phenomenon driven research). That is the care in statement of the research issue is to be addressed. What is the phenomenon you are looking at? (change in CEO, merger, bad (or good) corporate culture, some kind of disaster, fraud or other illegal activity, etc.) Make sure you are collecting information (data) that amplifies/expands upon your research question. Out of all of the information that is available about this company, why are you picking this data? THIS IS YOUR FIRST LEVEL OF ANALYSIS. What is going on with the organization? Tell me the story. What it was like. What happened. Who did it? and what is happening now. Data: 20% How does the specific data you have now selected (taken from all of the initial review of available information) support and possibly answer your research question? THIS IS YOUR SECOND LEVEL OF ANALYSIS. Where did you get the data from (use APA citations and reference page). How does it relate to the model you have selected? (Organization and presentation of data, including course text/discussion.) Discussion: 35% TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK! Use I (personal) not we (you are not (hopefully) a multiple being). It is your personal opinion based upon the evidence that you have collected. What needs to happen? What do you think will happen? Why? TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK! Your discussion here supports your analysis done throughout the paper. (Proper resolution of research issue given presented data. Future steps.) Your handling of the RQ, your analysis and your final discussion answer the outcomes stipulated for the course.

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