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Organizational Assessment

Present the evidence gathered from the organizational assessment that highlights the quality and safety issue highlighting the trends noted in the gathered data: 1)Examine the evidence supporting a particular strategy to address the quality/safety issue. 2)Critically appraise the economic, cost, and equity considerations that influence your decision-making in the given situation. 3)Explore the role of technology in addressing the issue. 4)Examine a model of policy reform through which you could approach changing practice to address the chosen issue. 5)Explore other approaches (e.g., family, media/technology, spiritual) that may be relevant to the issue. 6)Analyze which of the four ethical perspectives (autonomy, beneficence, non-maleficence, and justice) applies in the given situation. This paper must be 5-8 pages, not including title and reference page. It will also be processed through Turn It In so no plagiarizing. I will include one data source to reference the bulk of the paper.

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