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submit a report on complete online classical music concerts*. Each should be about two typed double-spaced pages each. Electronic submission is required. report should make use of at least eight terms which are either: Bolded text from Chapter 1, “Music Fundamentals.” or from later chapters The names of specific instruments (e.g. flute) or specific performing forces (e.g.choir) Please bold these terms in your text. Your papers should be in narrative format, well proofread. Below is an outline that can be modified to adapt to a narrative format that is organized by piece of music—that is probably the best way to organize if the concert has several different pieces on it. Your paper should combine a description of what was performed, some technical description of what you heard, and your personal reaction to the music. Note: I have retained all the information regarding concert attendance that would begiven during the fall or spring terms. Not all of this will be applicable to an online concert viewing. You will not have a ticket or printed program to attach, for instance. So, you can ignore any questions that would pertain only to live events. Since you are watching videos, you may also want to comment on the way the concert was filmed.1. What concert did you attend? Where was it? When was it? Is your ticket or program book attached?2. The performers How many took part? Were there soloists? ensembles? (Identify ensembles by name or type.) Was there a conductor?3. The music What specific pieces were performed? Identify by composer and title. Was the music primarily instrumental or vocal or a combination? Were there a variety of styles and genres represented? What musical eras were represented? (Middle Ages, Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romantic, 20th-Century, Contemporary)4. The performance What was your opinion of the performance(s)? [Provide details for each major work on the program.] If there was a conductor: Did he/she have rapport with the musicians? Did the gestures seem to have musical meaning? If there was a soloist: Did he/she have rapport with the other musicians? How was the solo performance? If chamber music: How did the individuals play together as a group?5. Personal observations What impressed you most about the concert? What impressed you most about the performer(s)? What did you like the least? How helpful to you were the program notes (if any)? Did you find yourself listening differently? Were you asking yourself questions about what you were hearing? If so, explain. What if anything would you like to go back and hear more of? Was there a performer, composer, genre, instrument, that you found interesting enough to pursue in greater depth

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