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the author of which must be this essay is Ava DuVernay. I want you to use Internet articles and she also seems to be asking for a bibliography but she doesn’t want that. She wants this essay to show a small bibliography, evaluation and interpretation in the essay. Overview: You will be selecting a filmmaker from the list provided and conducting an “auteur” study of that director, watching at least 2 of her films, researching her life and work, observing her characteristic themes and stylistic choices, and presenting what you found. Research: Do some research on your selected director’s life and work. Be sure to find reliable sources! (e.g. Wikipedia is NOT a reliable source!) Don’t forget to start with our text and make use of their bibliographical references. Search our library’s databases for academic/film journal. You should end up with a variety of sources – books and academic journal articles are the most trustworthy; online sources are iffy, so you should only rely on these for immediate and/or extra information and make sure that they are .edu, .org., or .gov with a reputable author. Once you have found your sources, read them, taken notes, and used them to gain a strong understanding of your director and her/his reception in the film world, prepare an annotated bibliography. Screening: Use all available sources at your disposal to locate at least TWO film selections from your director (the more the better, though!) Here are some suggestions: Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, Disney+, Youtube, film collections at other colleges and universities (if you have access), film student friends, each other. If you run into trouble finding anything, ask for help – sooner rather than later. Once you have the films in hand, screen them in their entirety! Watch for similarities in style, narrative, content, symbolism, and technique; take notes; look for evidence of your research. Writing: Gather your impressions about your director’s stylistic approach, thematic and/or narrative concerns, place in cinema history, and what makes her/him unique. What makes this person recognizable as an “auteur” director? When you feel confident in your own response to the films, WRITE! You are aiming for a 3-4 page reflection paper, revolving around what you found to be your most interesting discovery about this director. Be sure to rely on your observations of the films themselves to support your claims and use your research only in support of your own points. You are NOT regurgitating a biography of your director!!! Bo-ring! Instead, pick one or two things you found most interesting from your research and from your screening of the films and revolve your discussion around that. Be sure to CITE ALL OF YOUR SOURCES. If you are uncertain how to do this, please ask. The Writing Center is an awesome resource for this too. In-Class Workshop: On the day it is due, have a short film clip from your director ready to screen (no more than 3-5 minutes, you can send me the link ahead of time or you can share your screen during the zoom session with out class) that you think serves as an interesting example of her work. You will have the opportunity to show us this clip, briefly setting it up and discussing it (2-3 minutes). Then, you will be participating in a “group interview” and discussion with our community, in which you will be asked questions about taking an auteur approach, reflecting on what you learned through the project, etc

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