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Nursing Pathophysiology

Discussion Board Week 4
Each Discussion Board assignment will require 3 posts. Post 1 is a response to the assignment (500 words) to be posted on Wednesday by 2359 MST. Each post should contain 3 references: one “internal” reference (from the book chapter, article/videos used in the course) and two “external” references (from any reputable business newspaper, magazine or scientific journal).

*All external references require a full citation at the end of the post following the 7th edition APA format.

Grading Criteria

The Discussion Board forums replace the dialogue normally occurring in a traditional classroom. It is your opportunity to demonstrate your mastery of the assigned readings and your ability to supplement those readings with expanded exposure to related (and sometimes contrary) information that you will seek in your self-directed quest to understand and be informed. The following information provides guidelines to use when developing posts or replies.

Week 4 Discussion Topic:

1. Define and outline blood flow through the heart.

2. Define Heart Valve Regurgitation. (list including causes, signs and symptoms)

internal reference:
Huether, S. E., McCance, K. L., & Brashers, V. L. (2020). Understanding pathophysiology (7th ed.). St. Louis, MO: Elsevier.

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