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Nursing Leadership Skills

Establishing nursing leadership skills is critical to producing and fostering exceptional nurses who lead by example and are equipped to make the serious decisions necessary in their line of work.

Since nurses are on the front lines dealing with patients, doctors and procedures on a daily basis, they are dynamically positioned to make effective and educated suggestions. Developing their comfort level in doing so can increase their confidence and leadership ability in making these suggestions on the job.

As a nursing student in the LPN to RN Bridge Program during Bridge III 2036C you are required during your preceptor rotation to identify one idea that could improve the nursing field area that you have chosen for your preceptorship or an idea that you believe would better the profession in some way or improve patient outcomes.

The student will be required to submit a paper outlining what their idea or suggestion is, how they will improve an aspect of nursing and their suggested procedure for implementing their idea.

Your submission will be a formal paper that must include all of the topics listed below.

Description of the project.
Why was this particular project chosen?
What steps will need to be taken to implement. Approval from who? Administration/Boards/Manager (you will not be implementing but need to know the process)
How would you implement this change? (flyer, meetings, survey)
Include a sample
Who will benefit from this project (nursing staff, patients or family)
How would you evaluate if the project was successful or not?

Minimum of 3 pages. Please use APA format which means 12 font and Times New Roman or Arial.

If you use any references to support your project please include a reference page. (APA format)

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