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ANALYSIS & REFLECTION PAPER #3: Negotiation Using the text, Getting to Yes, analyze a negotiation you have personally experienced in the last 12-18 months. Include the following in your analysis: 1. Step 1: EXPLAIN: Briefly explain the negotiation (who was involved, when, what the negotiation was about, what exactly was said or done in the negotiation). 2. Step 2: ANALYZE: Analyze the negotiation using the framework of the 4 keys of principled negotiation (as outlined in the textbook), answering the following questions in your paper: • how could you separate people from the problem? • what are the interests v. positions in this negotiation? • what options for mutual gain are available? • are there any objective criteria that could be used in this negotiation? 3. Step 3: EVALUATE: Based on what you have learned in the book, in-class lectures and activities, answer the following questions: Why do you think negotiation is an important leadership skill – personally and organizationally? 4. Step 4: RECOMMENDATIONS: What can you do now to resolve this negotiation in order to achieve a win-win for all parties (if it is has not already been resolved). If it has already been resolved, what key 1-2 things might you do differently in future negotiations to achieve a win-win?

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