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Movie Analysis

Movie Analysis Assignment (50 pts.)Objective: The objective of this assignment is to challenge you to assess your knowledge and comprehension of the material that we have covered in class so far in a way that is meaningful and fun. Ideally, you will be able to reflect upon topics that we have covered in class and apply your knowledge of these topics to real-life scenarios depicted in the film. A = Excellent (45-50) B = Good (40-44) C = Fair (35-39) D = Poor (30-34) F = Fail (0 – 29)Evaluation: You will be evaluated on the following criteria:Format (5)Grammar/Spelling (10)Addressment of the Questions (25) On-Time Submission (10)Format (5)To earn full credit in the “formatting” category, you must abide by the following formatting standards:-12 pt. font-Times New Roman-Double Spaced (not between paragraphs/sections)-1 in. margins all around * Your assignment in its entirety should be at least two to three pages long, but may be longer. See below for how to achieve thisGrammar & Spelling (10)To earn full credit in the “grammar and spelling” category, you must abide by the following standards:-Complete sentences (no run-ons, incomplete sentences, etc.)-Proper punctuation (periods, commas, quotation marks for direct quotes, apostrophes, etc.) -Proper capitalization -Careful word choice (i.e. instead of “awesome” use “profound” or “thought-provoking”) -Use spell check and proofread your writing – it’s wild how many errors you find reading through your paper once or twice. Addressment of the Questions (25) – Questions listed below To earn full credit in the “addressment of the questions” category, you must abide by the following standards: -Be Detailed: Answer the questions in as much detail as you can – the more detail you use, the better your grade will be!-Be Specific: Use specific examples from the film to illustrate your point/arguments (i.e. “gender was a central theme in this film. This is demonstrated by x character’s experience doing y.”) -Be Clear: Make sure that your answers are so clear that if I was approaching your paper without seeing the film, I could use your work to determine if I should use this film in my Social Interaction class to illustrate sociological themes. -Be Accurate: This seems obvious, but make sure that the connections you are making and examples you are using are real and correct. -Be Reflective: Make sure that you are reflecting back to terminology and topics that we have talked about in class – in other words, make sure you are truly applying what you’ve learned in class and not going on a tangent. On Time Submission (10)Easy. Turn your paper in online via the “Movie Analysis Paper” Canvas dropbox by July 24th, 2020 at 5:30 p.m. If you have submission problems on Canvas, you need to email me your paper by the due date/time and let me know what’s going on. Final Notes: *If you have other problems or concerns, please let me know. I am more than happy to help you, but I cannot do that if you do not communicate with me. QuestionsPlease use the questions below to help write your paper. I have broken up overall questions into several sub-questions to make it easier for you to consider your answers and layers to broad topics. Please do your best to address them all in order to create a full and detailed answer overall. Feel free to add anything else that you find relevant to the questions. 1.) How would you describe the interactions of the main character(s) in your selected film? Who do they interact with more frequently? Are there clear gender, racial, or cultural norms that dictate their interactions? How so? What type(s) of deviant behavior is being exhibited by the main character(s) of this film? How do their interactions reinforce or discourage this behavior? Use examples from the movie to connect to course material and support your claim. 2.) In this film, how do meaning, interaction, and human agency converge to help understand social life (i.e., symbolic interactionism)? What features of meaning, emotion, symbols, language, roles, and socialization can you pick out from the film? 3.) What were the highlights of the movie, and how do they connect to course content? ***Choose from this list of films: -I, Tonya-The Perks of Being a Wallflower-She’s the Man-Birdcage-Lars and the Real Girl-Meet the Parents-Freaky Friday-The Blind Side

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