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Modeling Theraphy

The first part of this paper is based on the book: Spiegler, M. D. (2016). Contemporary Behavior Therapy (6th ed.). Wadsworth/Centage: Belmont, CA. and addresses chapter 12, just in case you have access to the book.

1_Please Describe the role of modeling in the development and maintenance of psychological and physical disorders including the basics of modeling and what the model does as well as the consequences of the model’s action (vicarious reinforcement and vicarious punishment)
2_Three Stages of Observational learning including exposure, acquisition, and acceptance
3_Nature of modeling therapy and explain how modeling serves five functions for observers including teaching, promoting, motivating,, reducing anxiety, and discouraging
4_ How self-modeling serves as clients’ own model (in video or their imagination) , maximizes observer model similarity, and enhances imitation
5_ Modeling as a treatment package including behavior rehearsal or as an effective treatment as well as a vicarious extinction
6_ How modeling therapies have been used to reduce fears/anxiety and for skills training to overcome client’s deficits
7_ Preventing abduction and sexual abuse through skills training
8_ Benefits of social skills training as well as disadvantages or potential psychological disorders related to poor social skills throughout the life span
9_ Explain the benefits of assertion Training including assessing assertive behavior deficits, training procedures, assertion training for refusing unreasonable requests, and assertion training in perspective

The second part of this assignment is to critique the attached article:
Bandura, A. 2006. Toward a psychology of human agency. Perspectives on Psychological Science, 1, 164-180.

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