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Medical/Pharmaceutical Essay

This is basically a draft, not the final paper. So I don’t need the 7 Pages, that the instructions is asking for. I just need the first three major parts of the essay, which is the Introduction, Detail the issue, and Your stance. I will not need the last two parts of the essay, you will see it on the outline (Look to the future or the conclusion). So this paper doesn’t have to be a complete paper, I just need a well writing and straight to the point paper. I should be able to understand your viewpoint, and also be able to continue writing on the topic for the Final Paper.

[Note: This does not have to be a full draft but as much as you can get done or at the very least a topic and a plan for how you will break down that topic in the course of the essay.]
*Make sure you follow the outline description of the paper.

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