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Meaning of Life

Write a paragraph:   what is the meaning of life?  All joking aside, it seems that ever since humans developed the ability for abstract thought, questions on the afterlife, heaven/hell, paradise, reincarnation, and nothingness have been an obsession.  Religion has been used to escape reality in search of a better path.  Religion has been used to justify authority, by saying “God commands it.” Religion has been given for wars.  But, despite all of the uses and abuses of religion, it seems that searching for that ONE, TRANSCENDENT principle is evident in every culture.  What is your opinion on this one transcendent principle (the Creator, God, the Force, etc).  Can you separate the uses of religious transcendence with that of using religion to justify authority?  Use some historical or modern examples. Use your own experience, This is a graded discussion. As this is a sensitive topic, please use respectful language.  

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