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Marketing Plan

You will revise and update each part of the project as you progress through the course. I.e you will add additional info into the marketing plan as you learn concepts and principles from later modules. Therefore, your final Part 4 submission will be comprehensive and inclusive of all the revisions to the plan, and will reveal by reverse engineering how your product came to market. Part 4 Requirements: Using the templates below, or the template of your choice: Identify the price points and pricing structure Identify and present the promotion methods and strategies and promotion mix, including the media mix Identify the corresponding internet-based application of the product or service (i.e. how is the product or service is positioned and presented through disintermediated communications on the enterprise’s web site, and social media channels) Submission Instructions: Prepare and submit the above as a marketing plan using the templates provided or your own template. PLEASE NOTE-you are to include the topics within the assignment instructions, not those provided in the template. The template is ONLY A GUIDE FOR FORMATTING PURPOSES. MINIMUM of FIVE pages (TOTAL) in length or more and AT LEAST five sources.

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