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Management Practices

The paper should be 500 to 1000 words and follow generally, these guidelines about the meaning, form and approach to the paper Additional citations are not needed or expected. Write in a business-like form — this isn’t an English paper. Please note if you don’t make any references to the content of the podcast your grade will suffer; in fact, it may be invisible. The idea behind this exercise is for you to think and reflect about important issues in management that come out of the podcast, not your general experience. Anne, a former attorney general of New Jersey, assistant district attorney in the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office, and federal prosecutor, is a lawyer with Lowenstein Sandler and divides her time between the firm’s Tech Group and White Collar Criminal Defense practice. She is also a professor of practice and a Distinguished Scholar at New York University School of Law. Anne applies long-standing prosecutorial experience involving highly sensitive matters to effectively counsel clients on a wide range of matters. Her experience includes co-leading a 2018 independent investigation on behalf of the Dallas Mavericks to look into allegations of sexual harassment and other types of workplace misconduct within the team’s business operations. After a seven-month process involving 215 interviews and review of more than 1.6 million documents, Anne and her colleagues released the Sept. 19, 2018, Report of the Independent Investigation of Dallas Basketball Limited, which sets out detailed findings and recommendations for change to the Mavericks’ management practices.

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