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Management Plan Presentation

Assignment Content Select & Imagine that you are employed by one of the following: The social services division of a state or city government A citizen action committee made up of community members A police or fire department A school or educational organization (public or private) Create a 6- to 8-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation in which you develop a needs statement and management plan that will be part of a proposal for a fictitious, grant-funded project of your choosing on behalf of your agency or organization. Include the following in your presentation: Describe the characteristics of your fictitious agency or organization. Discuss the possible funding sources you might contact for this grant proposal. Needs Statement: Establish the specific problem the proposed project will address. Management Plan: Describe the responsibilities of the project director (you) and any staff you will employ to implement the grant. Format your presentation in accordance with APA guidelines by including substantive information in each slide’s speaker notes section. Included in the total slide count will be a title slide, introduction slide, conclusion slide, & reference slide. Include a minimum of two sources (references – textbooks or other academic sources) to support your information

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