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Using the data that’s already completed/ collected  and perform a statistical to analyze the results.· For this signature assignment:-  take these results and put them into a written report, similar to what you would write in your research methods course. · The paper will focus on the results and discussion of your findings. For this paper, include the following:Your      paper should have the following sections: Introduction,       methodology,       analysis,       results       conclusions.State      the hypothesis you tested. This includes the research question and the      null and alternative hypothesesDescribe      the variables you used including open-ended questions where participants      provided their opinions.Discuss      the survey you used to collect your data. Did you run into any issues? Did      you have to change anything? Include that survey as an appendix.Analyze      your results. Include a summary of the open-ended      questions. What statistical test did you use? Why? What did you find?      Did you calculate the results correctly?Include      at least one table or figure we discussed in class for your statistics.Interpret your      results. What do your results mean as it relates to public health      policies and practice? This is the discussion portion of your paper.Finally,      was your null hypothesis rejected, or did you fail to reject it? What are      the implications of your findings as they pertain to public health      policies and practices? Include sources that support your implications.      This is your general conclusion on your findings.Your      paper should be between four and six pages in length (not including the      cover page, references, and appendix).Use      APA (6th ed.) format to style your paper and to cite your sources. Your      sources should be integrated intothe paragraphs. Use internal citations      pointing to evidence in the literature and supporting your ideas. You will      need to include a reference page listing those sources.

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