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Leadership Traits

Evaluate each leader’s style and analyze each one based on the leadership traits and theories discussed in your text. What can you learn from decisions they made, and how they handled the consequences? How did the leaders try to motivate employees and how did the employees respond to each leader’s efforts? Finally, discuss how leadership evolved in your company. What does this tell you about leadership and leadership styles?

1. Briefly describe the organization you chose.

2. Regarding each of the three leaders from the organization, describe his or her leadership behaviors skills and styles.

3. Describe what the team learned about a leader’s impact on an organization. In addition, your team should reflect on how this exercise has informed your understanding of leadership styles.

4. Remember to include correct source citations for any references used in your posts. This should include relevant and video clippings used to learn about the subject.

The text used for the course is titled Management an Integrated approach 2nd edition by Gulati, Mayo and Nohari

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