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International Business Management

You are the international business management adviser to the President of a successful corporation(Cargill). The company desires continued market growth. In addition to financial success, the company and its executive management are interested in maintaining the highest of ethical standards and being a force for the betterment of humanity and the planet. Your job is to create a market entry strategy to tap an appropriate developing country market(Kenya). The paper should contain the following points- – Identification and description of the company. – Identification and justification of the target developing country market, given its risks. The justification should be based on formal and informal institutional factors, economic factors, and demographic factors. – Discussion of the industry and competition in the targeted country. – Assessment of environmental opportunities and threats. – Discussion of appropriate entry mode and if an alliance will be used. Thus, describe the pros and cons of the mode and, if used, the type and purpose of the alliance. – Include whether the United States has bi-lateral trade/investment treaties with the country and why such a treaty is useful. – Discussion of how the company should combine social responsibility with business decisions in the target country.

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