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Integrating Curriculum

writing 1 “Wright’s Law: A Unique Teacher…” The theory I see embedded in the narrative is the Cognitive Development Theory. The Cognitive Development Theory focuses on the environment in which a student learns (McEwen & Wills, 2019). McEwen & Wills (2019) describe learning as to how people survive in and adapt to the world. The concepts within this theory apply because Mr. Wright focuses on creating an environment conducive to learning and focuses on the student, not just the content to be learned (New York Times, 2012). McEwen & Wills (2019) describe that a teacher’s role is to create a space beneficial to learning and provide an experience that facilitates a student’s learning through interactions with others. This theory applies because Mr. Wright focused on each student as a person and taught him or her about life through his experiences (New York Times, 2012). Mr. Wright also provided interactions with others through group activities and discussions (New York Times, 2012). A second theory that I see embedded in the narrative is not a learning theory but a Behavioral Theory. The concepts from the Interpersonal Theory by Harry Stack Sullivan are within this story. McEwen & Wills (2019) describe a major concept from the Interpersonal Theory as individuals do not survive apart from relationships with others. Individuals rely on their interactions with others in order to influence behavior and thinking (McEwen & Wills, 2019). The concepts within this theory apply to the story because Mr. Wright prioritized his relationships with his students (New York Times, 2012). Mr. Wright did not stand at his desk and teach, rather he stood beside his students teaching them and interacting with them (New York Times, 2012). Mr. Wright also sought to help his students when they were distressed with various trials through conversation and interaction (New York Times, 2012). Mr. Wright also interacted with his students by giving hugs, handshakes, and fist bumps (New York Times, 2012). To conclude, Mr. Wright prioritized his students and their growth. He prioritized each student’s learning by providing an environment conducive to learning (New York Times, 2012). Mr. Wright also prioritized good relationships with his students which are necessary for growth and existence (McEwen & Wills, 2019). References McEwen, M. & Wills, E. M. (2019). Theoretical basis for nursing (5th ed.). Wolters Kluwer Health. New York Times. (2012, December 28). Wright’s Law: A Unique Teacher Imparts Real Life Lessons [Video]. YouTube. Wright's Law: A Unique Teacher Imparts Real Life Lessons | The New York Times writing 2 THEORY 1. What theory (theories) do you see embedded in the narrative? Focus on learning theory, but there may be other genres of theory embedded as well. The theory I see embedded in the narrative is Constructivism. According to Mclead (2019), constructivism is a theory based on observation. In this study, people construct their own understanding and knowledge of the world, through experiencing things and reflecting on those experiences (Mclead, 2019). This is seen in the video in how the teacher uses a special way of teaching where he encourages the kids to reflect on their experiences in his classroom by also encouraging them to participate which helps to reinforce some of the teachings. Mcleod states that cognitivist teaching methods aim to assist students in assimilating new information to existing knowledge and enabling them to make the appropriate modifications to their existing intellectual framework to accommodate that information (Mclead, 2019). Another theory noted in this video, experiential learning. According to Cherry (2020), experiential learning theory is knowledge created through experiences (Cherry,2020). 2.What concepts within the theory apply and how? The concept used in this theory is with the knowledge construction process whereby the teacher encourages the students to determine how they are learning and it also encourages ownership and a voice in the learning process and is student-centered (cherry, 2020) The video shows that the teachers is very creative and use techniques that help his students to have a clear understanding and thereby encouraging participation in the classroom. He also uses examples of his personal experience as a means to educate his students and this helps the students to have better experiences. It also shows that he cares for his student and is a good mentor (Gonchar, 2015). In conclusion as nurses, it is important to understand our patient’s learning style because it helps them and us to have better communication and understanding and in turn, prevent further complications from occurring. References Cherry, K. (2020). The Experiential Learning Theory of David Kolb (Links to an external site.) Gonchar, M. (2015). Film Club Wright Law: A Teacher’s Unique Lesson’: New York Times Youtube Video (Links to an external site.) Mclead, S. (2019). Constructivism as a theory for teaching and learning

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