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Incubation Period

– Name your microbe that causes the disease of your choice and deacribe the type of microbe. Include a physical description of the microbe and any othe key identifying features. – Describe the type of microbe(bacteria, virus, eyc.) – What is the natural resevoir for your microbe? – Are there certain lab techniques used to identify it? Explain. – What host/hosts can your microbe survive in? – Where can your microbe be found geographically? – Explain the disease caused by your pathogen. Be sure to describe the signs/symptoms of the infection. – How is an infection caused by your microbe contracted? Is ir transmissible bewtween people? Is it vectored? If so, what is the name of the vector and how does it transmit your microbe? – What is the time-line of an infection with your microbe? What is the length of the incubation period? Is it an chronic or acute infection? Do the symptoms change throughtout the course of the infection? – What is the prognosis of an infection caused by your microbe? Are there any long term effects after the infection has passed? – What are some of the most common treatments for this pathogen? How can it be prevented?

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