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Healthy Self-Identity

During adolescence, individuals ask a very important question. “Who am I?” An adolescent’s ability to answer this question in a healthy or adaptive way is essential for navigating through life, not only as an adolescent but also as an adult. The purpose of Discussion Board Forum 2 is to explore the idea of “healthy” self-identity. When completing this assignment, you will create a thread that addresses 2 main issues: Define and describe your own conception of a “healthy” self-identity. (Hint: Identity is not the same as self-esteem or self-worth.) Compare and contrast the Bible’s view and the textbook’s view of “healthy” self-identity. Make sure that you cite material from the textbook and the Bible as you address these 2 main issues, and be sure to format your citations according to current APA format. In his article entitled, “Who I Am in Christ,” Neal Anderson provides a helpful list of Scriptures that may help you formulate your response to this discussion topic 300 words required.

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