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Gun Violence

. You will choose a topic of interest, that has scholarly collegiate audience merit, and research it using the library databases. You will then write an informative research essay of 2000 words using MLA format and citations, including a minimum of 5 sources. You should write for an academic audience who is interested in not yet another encyclopedic level informative article but a new perspective and information. You will have to synthesize the information and not just repeat it in order to achieve thispotential Thesis: Gun ViolenceWhat I am informing you? How many young people have lost their life to gun violence.Targeting Audience: Teenagers And Those in early adulthoodWhy I choose this topic? I choose this topic because I feel as though people are not realizing how manypeople lose their life each year to gun violence. Also one of my close friends lost his life to gun violence on a college campu324843Jul 8, 6:42 PMalso the first draft is an rough draft so it does not have to be perfect but I will also need tips on how to tweak it on the final draft.

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