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Film Review 

Essays should be 3-pages,12pt font, double-spaced. Citations to course material should be parenthetical –for example (Douglass p. 13).  Your essays should explore themes of power and justice depicted in the film, drawing on the theories and practices explored during the prior week. In your essay, be specific and give examples / scenes from the film that effectively illustrate the concepts you discuss in the essay.  film name: The Wave(1981)course materials of this week are provided in the files (No need to read them all, just for some citation and mentioned somewhere in the essay):WallerBettelheimApplebaumBob Dylan song: example guideline: how does The Wave demonstrate the “techniques of obedience” we explored in this Week .  How does it demonstrate theories of complicity explored in Bettelheim and Waller, accounts of complicity in current American politics described by Applebaum? The Wave was produced in 1981, but do you see wave-like dynamicsaround you today?  Where?  Howso? 

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