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Ethics and Economics

Introducing Moral Theology, True Happiness and the Virtues, Mattison pp. 311-331 on the gifts of the Holy Spirit for the virtuous life. Moral Choices, An Introduction to Ethics, Rae pp. 329-361 on Ethics and economics In your five (5) page paper, describe the content of your above readings in a detailed essay and then answer the questions. Remember, there are two parts. First, give a detailed coverage of all the readings in this unit. Then, answer the questions below. What are the moral standards that apply and guide us in this area (Christian economic justice)? Use the reading and your own understanding of what moral rules or principles are important. Do Christians have a responsibility for the environment? Think through the four cardinal virtues in relation to this issue. Why does one need prudence to live well regarding economic justice, etc.? What other virtues are essential to living well?

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